The Sock Drawer

The upcoming task of cleaning, eliminating, and decluttering my room/life has me quite antsy. Not in a bad way but I’m anxious, excited, and looking forward to a clean living space. I have one month left in the softball season and school semester which means that I come home with no time or energy to deal with the mess. However, I do have some minutes throughout the day where I take a break from the hectic and start some planning for a life of minimalism.

The first plan that I could tackle was the clothing plan, specifically my undergarments, socks, and workout clothes since I have a very clear picture of what I own in that department. I have read that people shoot for one week’s worth of clothes, plus a few items here and there. Well, I am a very sweaty person and I try to work out every day which means I usually go through two to three outfits a day, depending on the activities I do later in the day. So from the get-go, I decided 14-15 items of each undergarment were probably a necessity.

The other day as I was putting away my laundry and stuffing my socks into an overflowing drawer, I decided “hey, I have a few minutes, it won’t take me long to clean out this dresser”. I wasn’t wrong, but I also wasn’t quite right. First, I took my bra and underwear drawer and dumped it on my bed. Because of my habits and my job, 14-15 sports bras are easily a necessity. Surprisingly, that part was easy because I only had to toss four old sports bras. I also discovered I didn’t have nearly as many sports bras as I thought I did. Second, I only have one regular bra I can wear (I am super particular about fit and comfort) and I had two strapless bras. I couldn’t remember which one I hated and which one I liked so I decided to keep both until I had a chance to wear one again and determine which one was my favorite. The underwear sorting was also very easy. I ended up with about 20 pairs, because I feel like everyone has those pairs they wear during their time of the month.

Here comes my hiccup: the sock drawer. I dumped about 20 pairs rather easily. They were old (like, 7+ years old) that I kept for getting dirty out on the softball field or when I would run trails in Ohio in the mud. After seeing a pile of another 40 pairs of socks, I knew I was going to have a hard time parting with some. But why did I have such an attachment to socks? They ranged from a few pairs with cat faces and graphics, some fuzzy socks for lounging, calf socks for those summer days where I wear workout shorts in public, old surgery socks, some Doctor Who socks my mom got me for Christmas one year, and then about 12 pairs that I regularly wear regardless of the activity I’m doing.

A little stressed at the pile, I made a choice to grab 10 pairs without even thinking or looking back and toss them. Then I sorted: regular rotation socks, graphic socks, calf socks, 2 pairs for flats. I grabbed the 12 regular rotation socks and the flats socks and just put them back in the drawer. Then I stared at the graphic socks and calf socks and my heart broke. I can’t part with these just yet, they are so comfortable. So I ended up putting them all back in the drawer with the statement: “I am getting rid of 10 more pairs when I come back to this in May”. I’ve also already decided to toss my fuzzy socks when I get back home because I never wear them anyway.

Honestly, I wanted to keep going, especially to clean the floor around that dresser. But alas, I choose to keep everything in a mess so I can embarrass myself later when I show you all the disaster. I also want to do it so I can have a “before and after” view so even if I don’t get rid of everything in one pass, I can at least see the progress. What are some things you want me to talk about as I get closer to my cleaning day? Or are there things you want me to cover while I do my Instagram stories about that day? What about some other suggestions you have? I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “The Sock Drawer

    1. Good start! I’ve also heard that some people (probably with more “important” items than socks, haha) box certain items up and if they don’t use them within a certain time frame they donate/trash the items. Have you done this or do you think this would work (I’m thinking more for when I get into my closet/desk and have some items that might be more difficult to get rid of initially)?

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