Weekly Recap

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This past weekend I had some down time so I threw my headphones on and did some serious cleaning. I even embarrassed myself (and probably my mom) by posting the before pictures of my complete mess. I am truly ashamed of what it looked like, but before now I felt like there was nothing I could do about it. Now after seeing it clean and open, I’m finding it really easy to just get rid of stuff. All I have left cluttering the room are things I have set out to donate versus throw away. I still have to clean out my closet, bathroom, under my bed/nightstand, and my desk again but it is amazing to see what I have completed!

Right now I’m in two classes that aren’t particularly fun or interesting to me so I have a hard time finding the motivation to get ahead on assignments or to even do them at all. But I have been really excited about cleaning and getting rid of things so I used that as motivation to finish some assignments over the weekend. If I completed an assignment, I allowed myself to clean one area of my room. Well, with two assignments completed (and I started a third), I was able to clean three big areas. The first was my shelf holding my work/softball clothes. Now, there are NCAA rules that prevent me from donating items that have logos and such so I do have to hold on to some excess stuff I wouldn’t normally keep, but I also had some other non-softball-related items stuffed in there that I was able to toss/donate. I do currently have a shelf storing some other stuff like allergy meds and things until I can find a good place for it


After completing my next assignment, I tackled the daunting window area around my dresser. I actually found it fairly easy to go through this stuff. It was mostly clothing and bags that I had just tossed into the corner to get out of the way. About 3/4 of what I dug out of there ended up in a toss/donate pile. The bags are my obsessions so I just set those off to the side for now. Also there are cat toys everywhere and I don’t even care.

I didn’t quite finish the third assignment before I was dying to clean again so I finished the reading portion and set off to organize my workout clothes and the top drawer of my dresser (which had mostly dingy clothes I wore to sleep in). I got rid of so many tanks and leggings and shorts that I probably will minimize enough stuff in my dresser to get rid of this little shelf unit (though it is cute so maybe I’ll use it to add some decoration and plants when I get to that point in my minimalism challenge since I can’t hang items on the walls).

Featuring my favorite cat, Stormy

In my entire process of cleaning things out, I had two trash bags of old clothes, trash and other tossable items that I was able to take to the dumpster before heading out to reward myself with dinner at Sonic. It was so refreshing to come home to a clean and open floor and I can’t wait to get going on the other areas I have left! Plus, on my quest to rid myself of 26 items during my birthday month, I have reached… 40ish items (I didn’t count each pair of socks/bras etc. that I tossed but I did count each article of clothing/other item). My new goal is 52!

If you have anything you want me to cover in my next posts or things you want me to put on Instagram, let me know!



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