Minimalism is a tool set to help align your passions and values.

It is a recurring theme for The Minimalists who have been inspiring me to change my life in the last few weeks. But here is the real question: what are my values?

I’ve been wrestling with this concept since I heard it. Constructs of what we “should” attain, The American Dream, were the basis of most things I did in life: having a job that pays to live, having a relationship to solve my social “problems”, achieving happiness. I was never satisfied, never fulfilled, and constantly questioned why I never felt anything.

Along came minimalism, the idea that eliminating the excess from my life would help create a clear picture of what I really valued. It was a tool to develop better focus in my life. After taking this weekend to finally pack up the items I had set aside for trash and donation (and then donating them on Tuesday!), I was able to bring my values into focus.

Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life

The establishment of these values has provided a new perspective not only on my physical “stuff” but on my mental clutter as well. Over the next few blogs I will outline the building blocks I established to eventually declare these values.

Of course there are certain things that overlap. Being able to align my passions and my work with these values will give a framework that allows the best version of me to flourish.



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