Values: Expression

I lack confidence. Well, I actually am confident in certain aspects of my life like softball and my intelligence (based on my value of learning). Maybe this is the severe introvert in me but I struggle with confidence in my personal life. I have a hard time accepting and expressing my individuality and originality.

Maybe that is why I put expression on my list of values.

Over a long road, I have learned to express myself more because at a few points in my life I was outcast for being different. Over time I discovered the beauty in expressing myself and the relief and freedom it provided me to be myself. I have developed deeper friendships and acceptance from those around me. And I am proud to be cherished as unique. Because I would rather be disliked for who I am than tolerated for who I am not, because the love I receive from being who I am is far better than any other option.

Therefore, I choose expression as one of my life values. I want to pursue passions and other activities in my life that allow me to express myself. To me that comes in my job choices, my relationships, and my hobbies. Maybe deep down this is what got me into coaching, writing, or what allows me to pick up the camera and just capture what nature and scenery expresses to me.



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