Values: Health

If you think this is going to be just another post about changing diets and working out more, you are absolutely right. But it’s also about changing my “mental diet”.

Sure, I need to change my food diet. When I was surrounded by clutter and junk I filled my body with clutter and junk. While I valued my food intake before, I didn’t give it the attention and resources necessary to make a positive impact on my life. I just kind of floated between healthy and non-healthy meals. Valuing my diet means surrounding myself with good things every time I eat. With a cleaner space I have given myself no more excuses to back out of healthy eating.

Since working out has been a huge priority for me in the more recent years (disregarding my mandatory workouts in college), it is a duty to myself to go from a routine of working out to a habit of working out. In yet another life-inspiring podcast from The Minimalists, they talk about how routines are the things that we “should” do and habits are things we “must” do. They discussed how you should treat these habits as mini “emergencies”, not in the life-threatening way, but again, things you must do or some consequence occurs. In this case, the consequence is being unhealthy and unhappy. Some people also like to treat these habits as appointments with themselves. If you wouldn’t cancel an appointment with your best friend/doctor/family member, don’t cancel it with yourself.

So what is a “mental diet”? I’m talking about the things I allow myself to think about and dwell on. It’s literally everything that I put into my brain, but more importantly things I let out. Instead of worrying and spiraling into anxiety and stress, I am going to work hard to focus on things within my control and within my power to change. From relationships to issues that arise in my life, I hope that my changes in the physical space around me will allow me the chance to recognize the mental clutter I have and let go.



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