Values and My First Steps

I hope you were able to read more about each of the values I have established in my life and why I chose them as the forefront of my life. As the week concludes and I create more and more space around me by eliminating my stuff, I find that I am able to focus clearly on what I have set before me. These values were something lost in my mess and I am finally able to hold them on the pedestal they – and I – deserve.

I used these books by The Minimalists as motivation. Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life && Essential: Essays by The Minimalists

When I first challenged myself to begin a minimalist lifestyle, I set a date in the future where I thought I would be able to dedicate myself to the work of cleaning. Setting this time in the future was my way of saying that I was going to live this way, but maybe when I am less busy, less stressed, less tired, and more. I had a busy work life, school life, and I didn’t have time for the everydays like writing, cleaning, or eating right.

I was only setting myself up for failure. Because even when that time rolled around, I probably would have come up with some excuse as to why this date was more busy, stressful, and exhausting than before.

I started out slow by taking a pass through my closet and setting aside 5 shirts for donation. The next day I set out another couple in the morning and a few that night. Then I started reading more blogs, essays, and listened to podcasts. Then one day I decided that one small furniture piece of my room could be fixed with 30 minutes of work. That turned into an hour of cleaning the entire corner. That hour turned into two as I tossed socks and undergarments and set out 20 more items to donate.

Then in one giant swoop, I found myself with three giant packed bags, three backpacks/totes, and a box of kitchen supplies. It wasn’t enough to just have them packed. I could hear them at night, scratching at the closet walls, begging to be looked through again. They had gone from one cluttered space to a jam packed cluttered space. I couldn’t handle it anymore so at 3:45am I was stuffing them as full as they could get and packing them in my car where I would be forced to take the load to Goodwill.

That day is the first day I truly felt freedom from my clutter. I am nowhere near done but the rest seems so much easier because I have allowed myself the space and freedom to see what I truly value versus what is serving as wasted energy.


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