How To: Get Work Done During Finals

  1. Open up your computer and eliminate all distractions
    • silence your phone
    • turn off the internet or don’t open any sites not used for the work
    • clear your work space of any miscellaneous items to fidget with
  2. Make a brief to-do list
    • write out what needs to be accomplished so you have an order of completion list as well as a due date list
  3. Just start
    • starting the project/assignment is often the most difficult step
    • if possible, start somewhere in the middle
      • I hate starting papers so I usually skip the intro and work on the middle information. Make sure you don’t forget to go back and write the beginning though!
  4. Get your cat off the keyboard
    • lkdafsj;kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas
  5. Try to ignore the two of them as they fight for lap space while purring
  6. Give up
  7. Watch them sleep
  8. Your leg fell asleep. Try to adjust your position without waking them up
  9. Fail – they both jump off and give you an angry look
  10. Start again, maybe this time at a place with less distractions and less cats

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