Minimalism and TV

I got a new phone recently and of course the first thing I do is download all the apps and music again. Without even thinking, I ran through the line of previously downloaded apps and sorted them into the appropriate folders on my single page of apps.

Soon after I started this minimalist lifestyle change, I started to change how I valued certain things in my apartment. Now that I have most of my apartment cleaned out of excess (of course, I still plan do go a little deeper now that I have a better idea of how I work with minimalism), I’ve started changing my mindset on things outside of my living space.

First I started to incorporate the concepts in my everyday life, especially in my relationships. I found more meaningful conversations with my friends and minimized my concern on relationships that no longer provided value to me.

Next I went through social media and unfollowed accounts that weren’t providing me value. I rarely read every tweet on my feed from my personal account which meant if I didn’t take them seriously, they were just providing clutter. I even unfollowed the Chuck account (gasp!) because though Zachary Levi was brilliant and it was an amazing show, it had been off the air for about five years. Bands I no longer listened to or had split were also nixed, but I kept some from the few I wanted updates on, the select ones that if given the opportunity I would want to see them in concert (about 6-7).

This morning I sat and stared at the tv apps folder. In my home life, I have elected to get rid of my tv. I never turn it on except in the fall to watch Chiefs games and I only watch those games when they end before 8pm anyway. It is pointless to keep around when it just takes up space. Though I do watch shows, specifically through their apps – CW, E! (I have an obsession with William Moseley in The Royals), Adult Swim, BBCA, and SYFY. I had deleted CBS a while ago because those shows were no longer on a top priority to watch.

When do I watch these shows anyway? When I’m also doing other things. Read that as multitasking when I should be focused. I’d watch those shows while I was eating lunch, doing homework, or for a mindless break. While there is nothing wrong with the last one every once in a while, usually watching one show led to watching one more, then trying to catch up on a different platform, etc. It was unhealthy and not providing value. I used to watch them when I worked out which was great but with new music and different workout variations (more than running), I was no longer using tv in the right settings.

So I deleted the whole folder. I love my tv shows, I am still obsessed with The Magicians on SYFY after being obsessed with the books (they are my favorite of all time), I love Doctor Who and Supergirl, Riverdale, and Supernatural and Rick and Morty. But until I can introduce those in my life with purpose (like when I work out, or watch ONE episode with my friends to talk about), I will be cutting that out of my life. Besides, half of these shows are on hiatus or between seasons so why keep them on my phone anyway? I’ve already seen the episodes twice if not more times. Oops.



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