The Glowing Screen

It has been two months since I deleted Snapchat off my phone. Two weeks since deleting Buzzfeed and Tumblr. One week since deleting all of my TV apps.

I haven’t missed any of them.

I realize I was just wasting time. I really only used Snap to send cat photos to my mom and a few friends. I only browsed Buzzfeed to fill in gaps during my lunch break or when I was supposed to be doing homework. Tumblr really only served one purpose – to suck data trying to download photos.

Now I have to be more deliberate with how I use the sites. I can’t watch TV while doing other work because going full screen won’t let me multitask. I removed Tumblr from my home page tabs so if I want to browse, I have to type in the URL. Same with Buzzfeed. Snapchat just flew away without sorrow.

Now when I have breaks in the day or need to take a second away from homework, I notice how much time I am spending away from the task at hand. Before I would just grab my phone and mindlessly play around, oftentimes exiting an app just to open it after a different app no longer held my interest. It became a vicious cycle. Now I have to make sure that what I’m doing is the best use of my time.

My next challenge is going to be Twitter. Even after removing all of the mindless accounts I followed on my personal account, I still find myself checking it “just in case something new is posted”. I’ve reduced my use of Facebook except to share these blogs but I no longer scroll and scroll through the app. In fact, I just deleted it from my apps. What app do you think you couldn’t go without? What would happen if you tried going without it for a week?



3 thoughts on “The Glowing Screen

    1. That’s awesome, good for you! I have been using my phone less and less since deleting these apps but using it more for (useful) things like reading, podcasts, and music. I really enjoy not being bombarded with notifications or mindlessly scrolling through social media. Very liberating!

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