A game created by none other than The Minimalists, the goal is to remove one item on the first day of the month, two on the second, and so on. They did it on their blog and in their book Essential: Essays by The Minimalists.

In an effort to continue my decluttering and create new motivation, I challenged my mom to follow along during the month of May. So far, it has been really easy to pile up items and send them into the trash or donate box. But now I’m reaching the point of difficulty when I’m struggling to find 15, 16, 17, and more items for each of the higher days. The challenge isn’t that I no longer have enough stuff to get rid of but my attachment to these items.

I still find myself hesitating over items that are “just in case” or even sometimes a “just for when” item. I come across things where keeping it around to me is just convenient. I have things that are somewhat useful in organization but still serve no real value to me. Like a small wooden crate that I use as a bookshelf on my desk. Like The Minimalists say, if you have stuff for organizing your things you have too many things. That’s definitely true because I have WAY TOO MANY notebooks and scratch paper. It’s going to be next on my list to minimize.

Until then, I still stare at a cluttered desk. But I also have a trip to the dumpster and to Goodwill to look forward to.


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