Writing Challenge: Day 1

I’ve started this new 20 day challenge for writing. My goal is to leave it more as a stream of consciousness but I plan on going back and at least editing slightly for better readability. I set a timer for 15 minutes and went to work on today’s prompt. I hope you enjoy following along.

Day 1: I write because…

  • I want to share my journey
    • I started this blog because I was enticed by the minimalist movement. I wanted to see what it was like to live a clutter-free life. Burdened by so many moves, emotions, and overall unhappiness, this was the complete turn around that I needed to kick start a new life. I wanted to share what I was doing in a unique voice but also start something to fuel a new life.
  • I want to learn a new skill
    • Writing has been a talent of mine. I like doing it and I find it interesting and fun and unique but I never had any direction for it. By writing about something I am interested in and something I can form into value for myself and others, this was a skill I needed to develop. To provide a learning platform for myself and others.
  • I want to cultivate this passion
    • With new direction in life from minimalism, I am able to provide incentive into my writing. Purpose in the words – to provide value and explore something I enjoy. Eventually I want this to turn into something I pursue long-term and without boundaries.
  • I want to explore a new world
    • This comes in two variations. I want to write about a new world. I am using this not only to learn about writing but to open a door into writing about a new world. A world yet discovered by my mind but yearning to be found. A potential outlet for self-discovery in fiction and non-fiction
    • The second variation is exploring the physical world. I want this to not only become a habit but to develop into something more. I don’t expect to make a shit ton of money from this but I really hope that this can turn into a life that I can lead. To take off on the road and never turn back. To live in a van or have freedom and time to move and live as I want. To find nature and immerse myself in the adventure we call life.
  • Self-discovery
    • Along the way I hope that writing allows me to discover things about myself that I never knew. To push myself to limits I never thought possible. To live in the “discomfort zone” where I can grow and develop and become a better person. To live a life I want to lead.


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