Writing Challenge: Day 2

Today’s prompt is to write a list about things. I choose to write a list about “Things I’ve learned”. More free-flow writing, less editing.

  1. Never take the little moments for granted.
    • Little conversations, small achievements, short trips, scenery. All of these things take a small amount of time but can sometimes mean the world.
  2. Appreciate the people in your life.
    • Yes, they could be gone in a flash. The relationships you value and cultivate are priorities. I have not always done a good job of thanking the people in my life who made a significant impact. Some events of today reminded me of that.
  3. It’s okay to say no.
    • Putting too much on my plate was a constant habit of mine. Sacrificing time and sanity to attend social gatherings that I wasn’t in the mood for or sacrificing other necessities to do things for other people. I should have said no in a few situations. I’ve learned not to focus on the “no” part but rather the “yes”. Instead of saying “no” to a last minute dinner invitation I am saying “yes” to homework and an extra hour of sleep which will allow me to say yes in the future.
  4. Getting rid of stuff is life changing.
    • Eliminating the excess in my life has given me a new outlook on life. From my physical space to my mental space, I have created space that I have learned to fill in a productive way.
  5. Create space that you love.
    • Now that I have created space, I am filling it with things I love. I had the space to pack in under an hour (for myself and all the cat necessities) so I could go home for a couple weeks. In that hour I packed, planned my stopping locations, and prepared by car to drive three days across the country. I honestly don’t think my turnaround or preparedness would have been that smooth if I had not created the healthy space I was in.
  6. It’s your life, live it how you want.
    • I am constantly trying to live up to some standard that everyone else has created. Only recently have I accepted that the only person I need to make happy is me. If I am living in a manner I am proud of then I am successful.
  7. Bring things into your life that make you happy.
    • Be that relationships, animals, experiences, learning opportunities, expressive outlets, or other things, bring these things into your life with purpose. Stuff doesn’t equal happiness but purpose and improvement does.
  8. You are not perfect but you are enough.
    • I live each day working to be a better version of myself in every way. The continual need to be better has driven me to work hard and strive for greatness. But there is no conclusion to that journey. I will never reach perfection. If I can live each day slightly better than the previous, I have succeeded. I used to need to be “perfect” at everything I did and now I realize what I do every day satisfies me. If I am living how I want to live, I am enough.



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