Writing Challenge: Day 3

Today’s prompt is a one-word inspiration. My intention is to continue writing and do minimal editing, working on the free-flow of ideas.


I have lived in many different places in my life, all which have been temporary. I lived in a few different California homes, one in Washington, four years in Indiana, two in New York, three summers in Ohio, and now entering my third year in Kentucky. While living with my parents was technically “home”, I have never been able to call any other place by the same name. Everything I’ve done since moving out has been a temporary place.

The appeal of a minimalist lifestyle was strongly fueled by my discovery of van living but deep down, it was also because of my temporary living. I have yet to live in a place on my own where I feel I have truly “settled”. College was a four year deal and then I was going to be leaving. Summers in Ohio were just summers, no permanence. New York was a job (and living experiment for myself) that was not really going to be something long-term either. Kentucky will be checked off next summer when I complete my second master’s degree.

When I began the lifestyle change, everything became easier. I knew that when I got rid of all of my excess stuff that I didn’t need, I was creating space for how I wanted to live. But I was also making things easier because I knew a future move was inevitable. The stress of moving my things from one location to another every summer and a more massive move twice in the last four years was overwhelming. I spent so much time accumulating new things based on my environment, my living space was overflowing with stuff that could not be sustained.

With a minimalist lifestyle, creating a home is going to be much easier than it has in the past. I have less stuff to take with me which makes the move so much easier. I have less to pack, less to worry about, and I can focus on finding a location that I want to call home. Creating space has given me the chance to find what I actually enjoy and value in life. With that space comes an understanding of how and where I want to spend my time and what I am looking for in a home. Not just the place I live in but the location and the people I want to be surrounded by.

Home will always be with my parents. Now I’m ready to find and create a home defined by me.



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