Photo Challenge: Liquid


It is easy to focus on the surroundings of the river instead of the river itself – the green trees, the bright sky, the patterns of rocks. Now, it isn’t the prettiest river photo location. To the right, there was a load of trash that had been piling up and some muck had been gathering and would occasionally get picked up by a strong enough current. But the water in the river doesn’t know the difference. It continues to flow, to pass between the rocks, to bubble and splash as it continues its journey through Cuyahoga National Forest. It continues on its path without a care of its surroundings, not letting the rocks get in its way. A brilliant metaphor for how we can live our lives. We continue flowing through life, occasionally picking up muck or running into obstacles. But regardless of what we pick up and carry with us or leave behind, we continue to flow, bubble, and splash as we live life. We can still admire our surroundings – the trees, the sky, the rocks – but eventually those pass and we have a chance to see a new tree, sky, and rock.

The river is a beautiful thing.

This week’s challenge comes via Photo Challenge: Liquid


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