Writing Challenge: Day 4


Today’s prompt is a photo inspiration. There were three other pictures to choose from. At first, I was tempted to write about the photo of Grand Central Station, a memory from my time in New York. It was full of busyness and stress and overwhelm. Instead, I chose not to focus on my past but rather my present and future.

I decided to continue writing about this photo because it reminds me of all of my time I’ve spent recently exploring nature and finding all of my trails and campsites. After discovering the beauty and magic of trails and forests in my area (Ohio, Kentucky, traveling across the country), I have found a new space in my life. Running trails or using them as photography practice, I really look forward to exploring new areas. It gives me a chance to separate myself from the busyness of everyday work and life. I can silence music, turn off notifications, and just relax for a few hours. It creates a peaceful retreat where I can just be with myself, my thoughts, and nature.

Finding trails and forests gives me a chance to reflect, learn, but most importantly find peace. It is a wonderful break from the noise, even from a small town. Every new trail or location provides a clean new space for clarity and calm. A wonderful opportunity to be present in the moment.


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