Writing Challenge: Day 6

Today’s prompt is “the space to write”. I know you have seen my mess of a desk before today but a lot of the time I spend on my bed to write. Being in a small room, I don’t have a lot of other options. After I cleaned off my desk I had a lot more space to keep my laptop and sit and write more freely. Check out the transformation below!

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My desk used to be a place where I just dumped all my excess stuff that I was too lazy to put away or didn’t have a place for. Now I have it cleaned and will store some things (important papers, notebooks and textbooks, cleaning stuff, etc) until I clean a different part of the room where they are SUPPOSED to be located. Also I ran out of trash bags when I filled two with stuff all over my room for trash and another one for donating. Gotta go get more! Sorry mom, I know you’re ashamed of how this looks. I’m trying to be better 😔🤭 .. .. .. Go read my blog about things happening around my apartment room, link in bio. .. .. .. #simpleliving #minimalism #minimalist #minimalisthome #minimalliving #minimalbedroom #minimalistendeavors #cleaning

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My favorite place to write is actually my bed because I can get both of my cats to settle down and nap while I work. It really relaxes me to have them by my side sleeping and looking cute for some extra motivation.

I’d love to get some suggestions on what you want to know about (this is also one of the writing challenge assignments) or what to write about in a future post. Visit my contact page and leave some suggestions, or make a comment below! Thank you so much.



2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: Day 6

  1. I like the nudge to work hard to give your cat a better Christmas! Congratulations on your space – you are days (if not light years) ahead of me on the writing challenge. Thanks for showing me there is life beyond day 2!

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