Writing Challenge: Day 7

I always go back and forth on this one but I’ve been in more situations where a procrastinated assignment has turned into one of my greatest projects. I think that is what happened with my minimalism journey.

When I gave myself a future date when I would start this elimination process, I was giving myself a reason to procrastinate. Sure I had some pressing matters that were top of my to-do list (finals, end of season) but minimizing continued to get pushed down. Finally, I decided that minimalism needed a deadline for when I needed to get the bulk of it done.

With that deadline in mind, I was able to sort and declutter and clean with relative ease. Once I had put the first things in the trash and donation pile, the rest came easily. I began to rearrange my living space. I cleaned my desk for the first time in a year. I started writing more and taking more photos. I started enjoying time spent in my room.

Procrastination was essential to my creativity. At first, I put it off because it seemed too daunting a task and something that I wasn’t interested in completing little pieces at a time. I wanted to do a huge bulk of it at once and then little things once I got the hang of the process. When I finally just got the first things out of the way, I found it so much easier to let go of the rest.

I know I still have a lot of things that still need to get out of the way but maybe more procrastination is the answer…



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