Writing Challenge: Day 8

Dear Things,

I used to treasure you. Actually, it was mostly the memories you held. You reminded me of trips, vacations, accomplishments, and other activities. You didn’t serve much purpose other than that. All you did was take up space.

Then I added more Things around you. They didn’t serve any purpose but reminded me of new trips, vacations, accomplishments, and other activities I had done. They took up more space. Space I didn’t have.

So you got shoved into the back, still reminding me of past times, but holding me back from making new memories. I realized I was no longer happy with the space I was filling. I took a step back and realized that the memories were not in you or other Things, they were in me. They could be saved in digital photos if I really wanted. They didn’t need to be physical.

I cleared you out. With no apologies, no reservations, I emptied the drawers, cleared surfaces, purged the closets and cabinets. I didn’t say good-bye. I let go. You were the first and the last to go.

I still have the memories. I still have Things that provide value and serve purpose. But I don’t have the clutter. I have space for more creative Things and I keep the space clean of physical Things.

I don’t regret not saying good-bye. It was the greatest accomplishment I’ve had in my personal life in a while. I do hope you are out there though, providing someone else with value and purpose. Just because it didn’t work between us doesn’t mean you can’t help someone else who needed you.



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