Writing Challenge: Day 9

I am not a full-time writer. Some days it is impossible for me to sit down and write 50 words. Others I feel like I could write for hours.

I consider writing to be one of my passions but because I have other activities that pay my bills, writing is more of a hobby than a full-time dedication. However, it is a goal of mine this year to not only write every day but to cultivate this passion into something more. Maybe one day that means I write a book. Maybe I just continue to explore the blogging world. In the end, I just want to follow this journey where it takes me rather than set some specific goal to be achieved.

With a busy schedule day to day, it is hard to find the space and time to dedicate myself to writing. But to get better at writing, you must write. Therefore, I make sure that every day I spend at least some amount of time on my blog or finding other ways to write. If I find myself complaining that I don’t have the time, I reevaluate my day and see how I have spent that time. I can get plenty accomplished if I prioritize my time efficiently.

These last couple weeks I have technically been on vacation. I am spending time with family and have less personal time than I usually do in the evenings which means I have to specifically set times where I will be on my computer to write. What really makes me feel good about this endeavor is that throughout the day I am thinking about the next blog post I could make (with these prompts) but also thinking about how I can move in a new direction and get better. It helps affirm that I really am passionate about writing and interested in seeing this through.


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