Writing Challenge: Day 10

Let the scene write itself

I’m sitting on a bench outside the restaurant, waiting for my old coach/friend to get here. The breeze dances through the bushes and ferns around me, their leaves bouncing in and out of shadows. Two little lizards come scurrying out from behind the planter and spend a second in the sun before continuing their trek.

On the restaurant patio, a group of intoxicated coworkers ramble on in four separate conversations. The man at the head of the table hasn’t looked up from his phone or engaged in the conversation for at least five minutes now. Two of the men have now decided to drunkenly move a patio umbrella to better shade their friends. After much heaving and wobbling, their friend points out that there are wheels at the base for easy transporting.

A second table, a couple on a date, ignore the entire world around them. Their eyes are fixated on each other, glasses of wine barely touched. The waitress drops off a burger and a plate of tacos and they don’t really notice. The waitress now weaves her way through the chairs, tables, and newly situated patio umbrella to deliver another round of drinks to the after-work party while one of the girls complains she is now cold in the shade.

The clicks of forks on plates are muffled as another breeze comes rushing through the buildings. A quick glance at my text messages say my friend is parking. I make my way to a table outside that separates me from the lively bunch and the couple who are now on the same side of the table making cute faces at each other.


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