Writing Challenge: Day 12

I’ve actually been thinking about this post most of today. The prompt asks us to critique something – a TV show, a reading, etc. I thought about some of the TV shows I’ve watched recently and how I could use this post to write about something I have a strong opinion on. But what better way than to continue to use my dedication to minimalism and the meaning behind this blog than a critique to this tweet?

I respect anyone’s opinion, because it is theirs and they have the right to voice their opinions just like everyone else. I don’t believe in shaming anyone for that opinion either. I do, however, believe in providing information. Information meant not to say their opinion is wrong, but rather to give perspective on the greater picture.

Take this tweet. Yes, minimalism is about removing the excess from your life. It is about eliminating the unnecessary items, people, and “stuff” that clutters our lives. Minimalism is meant to clear your life of things that do not add value.

But what comes next? Once you have removed all the excess you could stop right there. You could live in a life of x number of items and n number of clothes. Be left with only a few friendships and only ever talk to anyone about minimalism. But this is more. Minimalism, yes, is about removing the excess but after that, it clears a space that needs to be filled again. Not with material items but experiences, relationships, and other “things” that provide value.

For me, minimalism created the space which I filled with value – a trip home for vacation with my parents, a drive through some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, trails for photography, and writing. Filling the space with “things” that made me happy.

So no, minimalism isn’t just talk. To me it is more about action. The first action is getting rid of the excess. The second is filling that space with joy. I challenge anyone reading this to reflect on something you could add to your life that would provide you value. That is something worth talking about.



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