Writing Challenge: Day 14

Travel Day

Today’s challenge (I’m writing it on the road so I’m a few days late) is to write about a single day or a single hour. I’ll talk about my first day on the road.

I left my parents house as my mom was leaving work. I had packed most of my clothes (except my pajamas and the clothes I was wearing today) the night before. All I needed to put in my bag in the morning were my toiletries and pjs. Plus I had to grab the cats.

The first five hours of the trip are always the worst. I’m a powerhouse when it comes to driving so I didn’t stop for about 350 miles. I did the same thing again, not stopping for about four hours. I waited until I was about 1.5 hours from my day 1 destination.

The real kicker is where I’m staying. I found a campsite in Cibola National Forest, quite a ways off the main highway. I wanted to make sure I got there with daylight so I could set up my hammock for sleeping and possibly explore a trail nearby. Turns out there is no service so I chose just to stay at my site even though it is still light out and I could be driving further if I really wanted.

The cats are happy we have finally stopped moving and have chugged almost all of their water and run around screaming at all the new sights outside. My hammock is set up and ready to be enjoyed on this beautiful evening.



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