Writing Challenge: Day 16

The theme of today’s post is mining your own material. I have been sitting here trying to write this post for an hour with no luck. I scrolled through and wasted time going through my past Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook posts. Nothing caught my eye. Maybe it was because I am no longer invested in these platforms. Maybe because everything I posted was not worth anything more than an afterthought. Nothing spoke to the person I am molding myself into. They didn’t align with my values, they didn’t expand on my passions, and they didn’t provide anything but a distraction and waste of time.

It was a good reminder though for how I have distanced myself from these distractions. Because I no longer scroll through pages of stuff I can focus on more important things. I’ve gotten more work done since removing all of these things and I’ve been able to develop more writing skills and expanded on more of my values. Going through these things though helped me get back on track since I have gotten back into a rhythm after vacation. I’m looking forward to rededicating myself to this challenge.



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