Writing Challenge: Day 17

Today’s prompt asks you to use a map as your muse.


Fillory is a world within The Magicians, my favorite book series ever. The Magicians is a combination of Harry Potter and Narnia if both of them went on a binge of hard drugs, alcohol, and mental issues. It is dark, beautiful, and emotional. Basically, each character is relatable, complicated, and raw; something I don’t think is often portrayed well in other books, and something they aren’t able to fully capture in the adapted TV series.

I chose this map because, like Narnia, Fillory is a place where the main character, Quentin, always dreams of going. Fillory is originally thought to be just a magical land written in a book within Magicians. Like Narnia is to us, Fillory is to Q. Until he finds out that magic is real and this land actually exists. This doesn’t even cover part of the story but it covers enough for me to continue my post.

I think we all have those real or imaginary places we would like to go. A place where we can escape, run from our troubles, be different people, or more. We can dream of having everything we want, free of stress and worry, and find happiness. Places like Fillory may not exist but there is beauty in creation. This map, the story in Magicians, Narnia, Harry Potter, all fuel my creativity and desire to write of a world where these wonderful (and not so wonderful) things can happen. Where characters can grow, crash, and rebuild. Where they can be human, non-human, magical, and powerful. Where they can love and hate, struggle and triumph, live and die.

This map of Fillory is just more inspiration for me to create my own world to escape into. Something I can share with others so they can relate to characters, like I relate to Q. Fillory is an adventure, a value that I am searching for in my own life. What is your Fillory? Narnia? Hogwarts?




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