Writing Challenge: Day 18

We got heart break in the making
And we’re drowning in the waves
Keep on drifting, it’s the only thing we know
Yeah my story’s always changing
But you wanna play the game
Burn each other, leave a little room for hope

-Bad Company – Jules Vera

I just wanna drive all night all alone
Focus on the pain, I wanna feel it all
I feel the violent waves crashing down
Hold me till I fall asleep
Everything reminding me

-Breaking Free – Night Riots

We started a tidal wave with a spark
And I don’t know you
But you’re what I want and that’s all
You’re what I want and that’s all
This is my heart
Dive deep
You have something that I wanna keep
We get carried away
Don’t stop
I’ve got nothin but time
So come down when you wanna start

-Dive Deep – Andrew Belle

You were the moon, I was the wave
Pulled me out, pushed me away
It’s how we danced
Isn’t it amazing?
Hold me close, let me go
I said that faith is all I know
And yes I lied
Because the whiskey made me

-Stardust – New Politics

I thought that I knew love
But it was just a wave crashing over us
And in the breaths between the ones we meant to breathe
I had my head under my feet
You knew the way things were
You knew the way they would be
We knew exactly how it’d end

I was screaming that the ship was sinking
But you were telling me to just keep drinking

-Waves – The Dear Hunter 

Pretty easy to catch on to the theme?


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