What Happens Next

I’ve been sharing everything I’ve done to become a minimalist. I talked about my values, my efforts to remove the excess stuff from my life, and then I was able to dive into my writing and exploring minimalism through my creative efforts.

But what happens when I am no longer overwhelmed by stuff and things in my life? I’ve reached the point where I understand things I have are still not always necessary but are convenient enough to keep around. I have clothes and shoes “just for when” for events that rarely occur in my life. I have clothes that are required for my work that in a year might not be needed anymore. I could sit and dwell on these things or I can commit to the values I defined for myself a few months ago.

Since minimalism, I was able to pack entirely stress free and go on vacation. A vacation that consisted of six days in a car with two cats, camping adventures, and photography as well as two weeks at home building on my health, expression, and relationships with my family.

When I got back, I definitely strayed from my dedication to my values. I slacked on my health, I didn’t make time to write or adventure, and I haven’t gotten my camera out in two weeks. However, I have dedicated a great deal of time on learning since the summer semester has started and I’ve completed about 70% of my classwork.

Many people think that minimalism is the end game – once you reach a certain point of eliminating you will achieve minimalist status. I believe minimalism is a way to create space that you fill with meaning. I’ve worked to build a creative space to explore my passions and I am re-dedicating myself to that commitment.



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