Lost Boys

“Let’s take the night off from caring ’bout tomorrow

Let’s take our minds off the things we can’t control”

Lost Boys – Ocean Park Standoff

There are many things in our life that are out of control. Today is one of those days where I am reminded of that. I immediately started my day off on a bad note, followed by a reminder that I don’t quite have my life together, shortly followed by my normal anxiety about what the future holds for me.

Yes, I spent a lot of the day stuck in these thoughts. It wasn’t ideal. I kept my headphones in and tried to work on new ideas for this blog and some potential book topics. Finally, my shuffle list brought me to this song and I completely forgot everything I was dwelling on. I have several songs in my repertoire that can change my mood for the better. Sometimes I think that my phone can read my mood and plays just the right song for what I need. This is one of those songs that makes me want to just get up and sing and dance (obviously where no one can see or hear me) and it completely turned my mood around.

I often have a hard time of separating myself from these situations. But there are only so many things you can prepare for, worry about, and focus on. Even though I struggle with it, I often find solutions when I least expect it. Having the space and clear mind to recognize those solutions when they come across is why I turn to music. A lot of people like to exercise, write, draw, scream, and probably a million other different ways to help cope with uncertainty. But it is always helpful to remember that we need to care about ourselves and focus on changing the things within our control to better shape our future.

Also calling my mom. That really works.



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