June 2018

This month was the first summer month since I was probably 6 or 7 that wasn’t spent playing softball. Not that I wasn’t around it – I still work in softball – but it was an entirely new experience for me. A lot of people I saw this month asked what it was like to not be playing and I was able to give them an easy answer: I haven’t missed it yet. While I love the sport and I am thankful to still be around it, I have been preparing for this for several years now which gave me a clean break from the cleats.

It also meant I was able to dive into work and grad school more than I have been able to in the past. I completed a class during the month, putting me five classes away from my second master’s degree, I recruited three different weekends (spending at least 10 hours at the fields each day for 2-3 days), worked camps, and got a few free moments to write, take photos, and socialize.

The end of this month marks the start of a new summer session where I have just as much recruiting, camps, and two more classes to complete. These first few weeks will be pretty hectic in developing new habits for these two new classes but I’m excited to get them going.

I’ve done a much better job of keeping my place clean, my desk and floor clear of random junk and clothes. Wishing everyone starting their new #minsgame challenge the best of luck. I’d love to join in but I am actually at the point where everything I have right now is used at least once a week. After the spring of next year, I will definitely be going through the process again as I look to move and fit everything into my car!

Here are some of the photos I took this month.



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