Breakfast: Green Smoothie

When it comes to food, I am extremely picky. I find things I like and I stick to those meals. At Panera, I order the same thing almost every time I go. The folks at Qdoba know exactly what I get each time I walk in the door. More and more, though, I find myself trying to experiment in the kitchen when I meal prep for the week. I find recipes on Pinterest and Fitbit (don’t knock it, some are actually really clever… and healthy!). But still I remain that picky eater. I won’t try recipes that involve ingredients I don’t like or spices and seasonings that I will have to buy for that specific meal and then never use again. But then I had this great idea… why don’t I try new recipes but make them my own? Substitute ingredients I don’t like for ingredients I do. Thus begins my new venture in NEW FOOD RECIPES WITH INGREDIENTS THAT DON’T TASTE LIKE CRAP (it’s a working title).

Alright, here are the rules. I will tell you what I put into the recipe and anyone who tries it is free to put in whatever else they want, take out whatever is disgusting, or adjust the amount for your liking. It’s exactly what I do for basically everything I make.

Here is my recipe for a green smoothie:

  • 1 scoop Amazing Grass Green Superfood Energy (caffeine!!)
  • Giant spoonful flaxseed meal (fiber!!)
  • Frozen mango chunks (just stuff it all in the cup, as much as you can fit, I love mango)
  • Water (because healthy, duh)
  • Coconut sugar (literally as much as you want. Whatever you can tolerate. You put water in so you saved calories there)

Shove it all in a blender. Maybe put the water in first so it doesn’t splash everywhere and you make sure you have enough liquid to actually make it blend. If I have a caffeine headache I put more green powder in. If I’m really hungry I put more flaxseed and mango in. Sometimes I add chia seeds. Most of the time I use mango. I actually hate the taste of the green powder when it overwhelms the drink so I would suggest (if you don’t like the taste of the green powder or whatever green stuff you use) a strong flavored fruit.

Anyway, I have this literally every morning. If I know I’m gonna have a late lunch I’ll have some yogurt and peanut butter too. Almost always this is paired with a coffee when I leave for work. Since I work out in the mornings, this smoothie is super refreshing and really easy to make. If you have roommates or other people in the house and you can’t run the blender at 5am, you can always blend it up the night before and throw it in the fridge/freezer for the morning!

Nope you don’t get a real picture, the header is a fake and actually good looking green smoothie. Plus mine doesn’t even include those ingredients. Maybe yours does?


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