July Update

Summer “break” is nearly finished and the days seem to have less hours in them.  June was spent in class and recruiting. July looked pretty darn similar to June but better. August is ready to bring me more work as the kids come back and I get used to a practice schedule again. Here’s a look as to how the best month of the summer has gone.

What I’ve Been Reading

I spent the early portion of the month reading academic papers and theses for one of my summer classes. As a research based class, I had access to some academic journals which got me thinking about new topics and encouraged me to expand my knowledge and skills. I also spent some time looking and following different blog topics and styles, some of which were more academically inclined and written formally, others more focused on writing and minimalism and written in a more engaging and friendly tone. My goal here is to learn a little more, challenge myself to read more intellectually engaging pieces but also broaden my horizons, and hopefully learn some skills that I can bring into my own future writings.

What I’ve Been Listening To

You remember I went to an Apollo LTD concert early this month so I have added some of their songs back into my playlists. I also have Weathers and DREAMERS on repeat. Both of their albums have been awesome. Panic! At the Disco also killed it with every song on his new album. And as everyone who I have talked to in the last week knows, lovelytheband comes out with a new album tomorrow (which is August but I don’t care that will be on repeat).

What I’ve Been Watching

Sherlock. I’ve seen them all but with a couple four hour plane rides and only so much paper writing and editing to do, I needed some fillers. Watching them over again I get to pick up on clues and things I never noticed before. Also Benedict Cumberbatch is never a bad option.

What I’ve Been Writing

I’ve been doing a lot of journal writing with a timer to give myself some free flow practice. It has been really helpful for a lot of my paper and blog writing ideas. I almost feel as if I can have a one sided conversation in which I never get judged but I can always move on from an idea as more of them come. It has been an interesting yet liberating experience so far. I’ve also been working a lot on a research paper for one of my classes which has been really exciting to develop.

What I’ve Been Thinking

A week after turning in my second research assignment, the professor contacted me asking if I would be interested in pursuing a PhD. Understand that my current University does not offer a related program so he has no incentive to bring this up with me. Anyway, it has me thinking quite a bit about my future and would be an interesting pursuit and career to follow. Honestly, this has taken up the bulk of my brain power. I even had a dream that the professor liked my research topic but that he was giving it to another student had better writing skills. I just wish I knew what great topic I had come up with in my dream. Maybe that would help ease my stress because even though I am not currently pursuing my PhD that is my biggest fear. I have anxiety about something I don’t even know I’ll do yet… yikes.



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