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I’d like to thank Bike and Backpacker for including me in their list of 15 favorite followed blogs. Junny does an amazing job challenging herself by writing in English and I love how hard she has worked to get better at it. The blog is beautifully set up and you should also go check out Instagram because they have some really gorgeous photos.

The Blogger Recognition Award is a recognition of some of the great blogs we follow and would like to share with our readers. It is a great way to share some love and inspiration between our fellow bloggers!

  1. Write a post to publicize the nomination.
  2. Express our gratitude to the blog that nominates us and links our post to your website.
  3. Write about how our blog started.
  4. Give advice to new bloggers.
  5. Nominate 15 blogs of which we are followers and to which we want to grant this recognition. We can not include the blog that nominated us.
  6. Comment on each nominated blog that you have named and provided the link to the post you have created.

I started this blog as a way to document my discovery and adaptation of minimalism. I researched, wrote, and finally decluttered in a massive overhaul. I actually enjoyed my room and didn’t feel completely overwhelmed and exhausted when I got home. After I cleared all of the clutter, I was able to spend more time exploring some more of my hobbies and I started to take more photos and write a lot more. I started journaling, detailing and outlining ideas for some books, and found new places where I could practice my photography. I have three more classes until I choose a new path to follow so now I am using my experiences in minimalism and my hobbies to help reduce some of the anxiety that comes with another big life change.

Here are a few pieces of advice that I’ve picked up along the way:

  • Stop making excuses and just write. I’ve put off a lot of things because I told myself I wasn’t prepared, I didn’t have enough information, I just needed to research a little bit more, I didn’t have the right start… the list goes on. The real kick was that I just needed to start. Once I started, the ideas started flowing.
  • Give yourself permission. I have a confession – before grad school, I never edited a paper before I turned it in (and never got less than an 85%). I’m saying this because I wouldn’t even start the paper or write the next sentence until the previous one was perfect. It meant my hand was always hovering over the backspace key. I was too afraid that I would write something bad that I made whatever I forced out the greatest thing I had ever written until the next sentence came along. It was an extremely grueling process and it took me WAY too long to write papers. So, when it comes to writing now, I have given myself permission to write something that may not be perfect knowing I can go back without judgement and fix what I need to. For example, this paragraph is written in one go, no backspace used, and is way too long for this post but I’m just going to leave it anyway.
  • Categories and tags are your friends. I started this blog with only one category and a specific set of tags. Now, I get more readers because I’ve expanded each of these to cover a broader range of topics.
  • Take the time to appreciate your readers. I do my best to respond to the comments I get on these posts. Of course, I do have to delete some spam comments and often the few comments I get are from repeated readers. If the time allows when I see the comment, I’ll respond or give it a like and try to get back to their blog at a later point to return the favor with a like or comment. Even the little things can go a long way.
  • Learn, learn, learn. You can always adapt your style, change your background, find new styles of writing. Just continue to find similar blogs, follow fun topics you want to read about, and just keep learning new things!

A few of these blogs are individuals on WordPress and can be linked but I also included some that are blogs I check in on to keep up my reading habits.

  1. @lexa’s travels
  2. Bryn Donovan
  3. Colin Wright
  4. The Minimalists
  5. Writing Forward
  6. Lightscapes Photography
  7. All The Way YA
  8. The Minimalist Taurus
  9. Via the Van
  10. A Small Wardrobe

As you can see, my list varies from my best friend, writing tips and advice, minimalism, photography, and van life. I actually only follow a few blogs at the moment, I am looking to branch out and find some more, so I made my list of 10.




2 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition

  1. You know, I’ve been curious since the first time I saw your blog: Being a minimalist? How could you?
    Then I found out that you’ve done research and endeavoring in living minimalist which is amazing! Especially when you said you uninstalled your social media apps.
    Keep up the good work! I’d like to read all your journals and photos 🙂


    1. You are too kind. It has been hard at times and I still have a long way to go when it comes to living as minimally as I think I can but I hope after this next year and when I move again I will be able to get down to the absolute essentials! Deleting social media has given me a new perspective on how I spend my time throughout the day.

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