Day to Day

I’ve had a lot of people ask me (in my daily life) how I can manage to get all these words out for my book, balance grad school, balance work, and manage a social life in just 24 hours. Well, I’ve completely scratched out the social life but that wasn’t because I was trying to write. It was because my day is so full of activities I choose to dedicate that time to something else. So here is my typical schedule.


I’m up at 5am (if not earlier) and immediately turn on the coffee machine because caffeine fuels my lifeblood. By 5:30am I am starting my workout (running, lifting, circuit training – just depends on how I feel). This is followed by 6:30am lift for the players. By 7:45am I am home and in the shower while another pot of coffee is made. I grab a quick power bar or shake on my way out the door and back to work by 8:30-9am. During the day, I switch between work and school tasks as they pop up. I try to do a lot of school work during this time because I actually feel like I’m more focused for those tasks. I do some notebook writing, reading, or editing during my lunch break but I find that during the middle of the day I am not in a great frame of mind to write actual good things for my book. Then from 2:30-6:30pm I am completely away from the writing world (except when I chat with my players about it) until I get out of the shower again and into my pajamas. Yes, I get into my pajamas at 6:45pm and I don’t regret it. By 8-8:30pm, I’m in bed and ready to sleep. Between getting home and sleeping, I try to tackle a little writing but usually I am so tired I make that time for reading or mindless tasks. These usually are my least productive writing days.


These days are different because the players don’t have lift in the morning. I’m still up at 5am to go work out at 5:30 when the gym opens. Then, between 6:30-7am I come home to shower and get ready for the day. Usually, if I don’t have to be in immediately, I spend some time at home writing or maybe I’ll go into work and have a quiet office for an hour or so to get some writing done. Then it’s the same afternoon and evening as MWF.


Yes, I work on the weekends because that’s the job! Still spend a good chunk of time at the field but I have tons of time to dedicate to just school or just writing. I usually try to get my homework done during the week so I can dedicate bigger chunks of time to writing during these days. I find when I have a large amount of time to be focused I can get more writing done.

I like to make myself “busy”. Not in the sense where I am completely overwhelmed and don’t have time for anything. Because if I really wanted to do something else, I could do it. I could sacrifice a workout in the morning if I needed more sleep or if I wanted to write. I could go out to dinner with friends or go do things over the weekend if I really wanted. But this is a schedule that works for me. I know that if I don’t work out in the morning it probably isn’t happening that day. If I’m up later than 8:30pm I get cranky the next day and usually sacrifice a lot more of myself just to try to keep up with the daily tasks. When it comes to your daily routine, it is all about what works for you. I love my schedule and I know it keeps me sane, even if it seems crazy to others. But it keeps me going and keeps me motivated and on track.


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