‘Cause You Had a Bad Day

We all have those days.  You wake up and you’re already in a bad mood. Or the first thing you see puts you in a bad mood. Maybe you didn’t sleep well. Maybe you stepped in cat puke.

All of those things happened to me this morning.

Being my wonderfully stubborn self, I let the entire day be ruined within the first five minutes of being awake. One of the things I hate more than when my roommates leave dirty dishes in the sink is going to bed upset. Here are a few things I do to finish my day on a good note.

  1. Go-to playlist — even if I just listen to the same song on repeat, I have a playlist I regularly go to when I’m down in the dumps and just need to blast some tunes.
  2. Favorite food — usually this means I treat myself. Maybe I make a favorite meal. Sometimes I go and grab something easy so I can relax and not worry about cooking. Oftentimes I just get ice cream because chocolate, duh.
  3. Cat cuddles — or pet cuddles. If I’m on my bed, you can guarantee one of the cats is on my lap, even if the little shit puked on the carpet this morning…
  4. Writing/Reading — I vent to my journal, I write a particular scene that requires the exact emotion I’m feeling, or I just stab my pen into the paper until I’m satisfied. Even better, I pull out my favorite book and flip through to all of my favorite quotes
  5. I watch some TV — always a comedy. If I’m in a bad mood, I don’t need something sad or thought provoking. I want all the laughs of Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Rick and Morty or some other fun show.
  6. Exercise — one of my least favorite things to do when I’m in a bad mood. Unfortunately, it’s also the best thing for you. If I can make it past the first ten minutes, I’m usually good to go.
  7. Pinterest — I’ve been using the site to storyboard a new novel. What’s more exciting than digging through writing prompts, photos, and other distracting pins?

What do you do to fix your mood or get out of a funk? What’s your go-to song, food, or TV show?


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