I blinked and it was January 1

I already miss November. Let me tell you, NaNoWriMo is the greatest thing I have ever done. The end of the month was more disappointing because now I can’t use it as an excuse to not participate in social activities. Now I have to go back to boring excuses like “I’m planning my cat’s birthday party” or “my mom said I can’t go” even though I’m 26 years old and dgaf. Really I just want to sit down and push through book 4.

The end of December marks the fifth month of writing every day. Since starting this journey in August (discovering writing, doing a pre-NaNo trial run, writing three books and starting a fourth, cultivating a new passion), I’ve never had so much fun working on a hobby. I’ve done something I never thought I would be able to do, and I’ve done it three and a quarter times since!

Each day, I dig deeper into myself to find new ways to learn and develop. I’ve hit road blocks, p(l)ot holes, forks, wrong turns, wrong directions, you name it. But I’ve learned from each one and that’s what makes this so special. I don’t care if none of this ever gets out, the journey has completely been worth it as I discover what comes next.

As many start their new resolutions today, I’ve decided not to go too crazy with my own. That’s why I’m only resolving to publish five books, get a publishing deal, go on a world tour for my books, and adopt three more cats.

Just kidding. (Seriously, mom and dad, I’m just kidding.)

I just want to make the resolution to continue to devote time to my writing. The goal is writing every day but I understand that isn’t always possible. So I’m just going to stick to a healthy focus on the things I enjoy and see where it takes me!

Hope you can join me on the adventure. Be sure to keep a lookout, I have some exciting things planned for this blog and my writing!


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