Why I stepped away

I write that title and think to myself you’ve failed as a writer.

I haven’t dug into my writing projects since early February. I’ve been writing still, I’ve been editing still, but I’ll be the first to say I was not prioritizing writing. I could claim I’ve been busy, I could honestly tell you work has been insane, and I could tell you that school has taken up my spare time. While those are true, there were still spaces to write… and I chose not to.

I have not given up.

In fact, I’m far from that.

Priorities change, though. Things get pushed to the forefront that require more attention than writing. Things like looking for and applying to jobs, health, a social life, etc. As much as I want writing to be a reliable source in my life, there are things like my wellbeing and financial stability that are more pressing.

Sure, I am a little upset I haven’t had enough of myself to dedicate to writing. I also understand that there will be a time for all of that to come back to me. For now, I let my mind wander. I build stories and play them out in my head while I’m daydreaming (when I’m supposed to be studying). I write down little bits of overheard conversations and save them for the future. I search for and find inspiration in my daily life.

For now, I’m letting that build. I’m letting my mind explore new things. I’m finding ways to align my life and my creativity with the world around me.


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