The Move

Things were crazy… until suddenly they weren’t.

I was working, I was studying, I was applying for jobs, I was trying to find an apartment… then I graduated and things were no longer insane. Everything was going to find its place and I stopped letting things worry me.

Moving out of this tiny room I’ve lived in for three years is probably the most exciting thing I’ve done since minimizing the first time. Knowing where I am going and where I am going to live released a huge weight off my shoulders. An apartment secured, a city I was surprised I’d want to live in but now I can’t wait to be part of, a support system… it is all working out.

Next comes the challenge of moving into a bigger space. My goal was to make my move by only filling my car with my belongings and anything that didn’t fit would get tossed. I think I’m going to come pretty dang close to that. The issue is now filling my new space with the essentials that I don’t already have.

A bed, a desk, a couch, a kitchen table, oh and I’ll need an extra bed for the extra bedroom, and don’t forget a rug for both rooms, and what about a chair that could go in that one corner…

Wait a minute.

Sometimes I always get ahead of myself. The best part about this new place is that it doesn’t need to be filled the minute I get there. The point of minimalism is not to get a whole bunch of stuff just to get rid of it later. The point is to only bring things into your life that are essential to function.

Do I need a bed? Yes. Do I need a desk? Yes. Do I need a couch or a bed for the extra room that no one is living in? No. Kitchen table? Well, maybe… just not something super big or expensive. Decoration? Nope, not yet.

My challenge now has been accepting that I won’t have everything beautiful and set up exactly how I want it to be. I won’t have that perfect couch right away. I won’t have the paint and dining room looking picturesque with my dream curtains and beautiful art hanging on the walls. I can live with what I have. When I discover an essential is missing, that’s when I’ll be adding it to my life.

Finding the peace in my new space is going to be exciting and challenging. It will be a new experience and one I am looking forward to enjoying as I settle into my new life.

Any suggestions for moving into a new place? Let me know in the comments!


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