Minimize So You Can Buy

I woke up today to the most hilarious news — minimalist Marie Kondo has officially launched her online store where you can buy all the things that spark joy for her. That’s right! In order to bring joy and happiness into your life, you need to buy her things because if it makes her happy, you’ll be happy too.

Okay, I’m being a little facetious with that last line, and that’s not her intention, but you have to wonder if she sees the irony…

Don’t get me wrong; minimalism is not about getting rid of all of your things, sleeping on the floor, or never buying a single item again. It’s not anti-commercialism. It’s about bringing things into your life with intentionality. That intentionality means the item(s) should fit your lifestyle, not someone else’s.

Minimalism is also more than tidying or organizing — because both of those things are really just rearranging your stuff. Minimalism is about getting rid of things as well, paring down to the items that bring you value. So while her mantra is about decluttering and bringing things into your life that make you happy, things (or getting rid of things) aren’t really what brings you happiness.

“The goal of tidying is to make room for meaningful objects, people and experiences. I can think of no greater happiness in life than being surrounded only by the things I love.” — Marie Kondo

The quote listed on her website can be misconstrued because minimalism and things are not what makes us happy. Tidying or organizing is just hiding your stuff in a “pretty” way. Surrounding yourself with things is not going to give you a happy life. Her tuning fork and crystal for $75 isn’t going to make you happy. Her method for finding things that “bring her joy” to her aren’t going to translate for you.

What her tidying method and minimalism in general are meant to do is make room for the things in life that will make you happy — and often those things aren’t things at all. They are people, values, relationships, experiences, and more. For me, minimalism created the space for new hobbies and helped me discover my passion for writing.

So, if it will “spark joy”, go ahead and buy her brass ladle for $96. My suggestion is that maybe you hold off buying it until the one you have no longer serves its purpose. Bring the new item in with intentionality, because it adds value, not just because it makes Marie Kondo happy.

Happy minimalism during the holiday season, folks.

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