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Meet LJ

As a kid, I thought for the longest time my name was Laura Jean. That’s what my whole family called me and with the slight Midwestern twang (they are all from Kansas), it sounds beautiful. When I finally got to school (growing up in CA), I found out it was just plain ol’ Laura and I became her. Laura colored within the lines, Laura followed the rules and got good grades. Laura did what everyone else did because she was afraid to stand out. Laura went to Notre Dame and played collegiate softball and even went on to play professionally after a few hiccups. And four years post college graduation, Laura got her MSIS and is almost done with her MBA.

Now coaching and living life as a poor cat lady and graduate student, Laura realized that her life was a little bit of a monotonous cycle. Laura loves what she does but also craves something more. That’s where this blog idea comes from and this is where Laura evolves into Laura Jean again.

Recently inspired by a single Instagram post featuring a forest/mountain view out of the back of a renovated van, Laura Jean emerged with the crazy and passionate idea of reducing my junk and moving into a van to tour the country, write, and take photos. Now, fueled by at least the first step in that journey, I plan to pursue a life of minimalism and explore what that means to me. Laura emulated only half of what I wanted to be in this life, but now I’m looking forward to sharing Laura Jean with the world.




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